Reiki Treatments


Reiki is suitable for most people, whatever their age, but there are certain conditions which the Therapist needs to be aware of and they may have to adapt the treatment accordingly.  Before a Reiki session a very thorough consultation is carried out whereby the Therapist will note down the medical history, medication, lifestyle etc. Your records will be kept for future treatments.

Reiki treatments / Reiki Healing 

Reiki is a Japanese ‘laying on hands’ technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is a simple but powerful technique. Reiki which comes from two Japanese words ‘Rei’ (universal) and ‘Ki’ (energy) originated in Tibet thousands of years ago and was ‘rediscovered’ in the 20th century by a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui.

Life energy, sometimes known as ‘vital life force’ is something that we are given at birth, it not only animates our body but influences emotions, thoughts and spiritual life. Throughout our lives, certain things can affect our ‘life energy’, for example, our lifestyles (occupation, diet, exercise), life events (marriage, separation, bereavement, childbirth etc.). When our flow of Ki is disrupted in this way, it causes diminished functioning within one or more of the organs and tissues of the physical body, therefore, it is the disruption in the flow of Ki that is the main cause of the illness.

When a person receives a Reiki treatment, the healing energy will assess where the blockages are in that person’s energy pathways (chakras, meridians) and energy field (aura) and work at releasing those blockages and healing the sites so that healthy Ki can flow in a natural way.


A Reiki session usually lasts a hour. You will be asked to remove your shoes and your jewellery (for health,safety and comfort). It is advisable to wear comfortable, loose clothing. You will lie on the therapy couch with pillows and blankets if needed. There maybe some gentle music playing in the background. During the treatment the Therapist will lay their hands on different positions on the head, body, arms, legs or feet. Sometimes they will work in the aura around the body (hands off). The whole session may consist of all hands on, all hands off or a combination of both.

There isn’t usually any verbal communication throughout the session, to allow the client to relax and the Therapist to be fully focussed on the channelling of Reiki. At the end of the session the Therapist will gently tap you on the shoulder and allow you to slowly get off the couch in your own time.

Sometimes Reiki is carried out with the client sitting in a chair.


It is not advisable to have alcohol. Drink water and herbal tea instead. Have a light meal only.


After your Reiki Healing session, as in all other energy therapies, you may experience some of the following:

Heightened emotions, thirst, more frequent urination, skin changes (spots), tiredness, vivid dreams, headaches, runny nose.

To gain the most benefit from the Reiki treatment, drink plenty of water to help flush away toxins, try to avoid alcohol for at least 24hours, avoid eating heavy meals, try to take it easy.

If you do (don’t feel obliged to) have any of the above symptoms, don’t worry, this should only be short term. Uncomfortable feelings are part of the recovery process on the way to a more deeply healed state. During this time things can seem as though they are getting worse but after they settle down you should feel much better.


Balances organs and glands and their bodily functions.
Increased energy

Release of stress

Promotion of self healing

Release of blocked and suppressed feelings

Pain Relief

The healing of body, mind and spirit

Strengthening of the immune system

Clearing of toxins

Helps develop positive attitude

Balances subtle energy system

Enhanced personal awareness

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