Fascia is a type of connective tissue which is found  all over the body, in ligaments, tendons, around the brain and other organs, nerves, bones and muscles.  All fascia is interconnected from head to foot like a three dimensional mesh suit.  A problem or tension in any part of the suit, for example, the sleeve, can cause an imbalance in the leg of that suit.  In addition, this web like suit is fluid filled and highly sensitive.

Myo means muscle, so Myofascia is the fascia of the muscles wrapped around every muscle fibre, bundle of fibres and around the whole muscle forming the tendons that attach the muscles to the bones.



Is an holistic therapy looking at the whole person and the whole of the web like suit.  It is a gentle hands on therapy which is applied without oils or creams over the skin.  Therapists may start with a postural check to identify imbalances or tension and then carry out a series of techniques.  Myofascial Release Therapy works on a physical and emotional level as sometimes suppressed emotions are stored in the fascia.

Dee Kelsall has trained with several specialised teachers of Fascia Therapy and is an advanced Myofascial Release practitioner.  Dee is offering intense 5 day courses of Myofascial Release, 1 hour per day for 5 consecutive days.  This will provide a boost of therapy and prepare for any further work needed.  It is £42.00 per session or £168.00 for an intense course of 5.