Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage or Champissage

Indian Head Massage  has been practised in India for thousands of years and the techniques have been passed on through many generations. Mothers ensure this by teaching their children from an early age. In India the local barber would offer Indian Head Massage as part of his service.

Narenda Mehta, blind since the age of one, a qualified osteopath, remedial therapist, reflexologist and masseur introduced it to Britain in the 1970’s and it became increasingly popular in the 1990’s.

Indian Head Massage is a massage therapy that focusses on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, ears and face It is a safe, simple yet effective therapy. . It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and a cotton tee-shirt; you do not have to undress
The head, neck and shoulders are your body’s energy centres. If you are feeling stressed or angry, tension tends to accumulate and show up with stiff neck and shoulders, eyestrain and hair loss in some people.
Indian Head Massage can help to unknot blockages and relieve the build up of tension.

Your Indian Head Massage at Greenhouse Therapies

The massage made is up of three elements:
1. The neck and shoulder massage helps lymphatic drainage, eliminate muscle tension and stimulate circulation. This helps to disperse waste material from the body and distribute oxygen to all tissues.
2. The Head Massage stimulates and improves scalp circulation which improves the strength texture and growth of hair.
3. The Face Massage soothes and rebalances your energy flow, making you feel calm and tranquil.
Other benefits are restoration of joint mobility, the relief of eyestrain, jawache, tinnitus, sinnusitis and insomnia. Knots and nodules in the muscles can be broken down, the dispersal of toxins from knotted muscles and the loosening of the scalp are promoted.
Typically a sense of calmness, release of anxiety, increased levels of concentration and clearer thinking are experienced.
Before any therapy we have a confidential consultation taking details of your medical history and lifestyle. There are certain situations where we may consult your G.P. before proceeding with the massage.
The session usually lasts for 1 hour.
Oils are optional and enhance the therapy as they have additional therapeutic properties.
You will be seated in a comfortable chair and asked to remove your shoes.
To gain maximum benefit from your Indian Head Massage try to rest afterwards, this encourages the body’s own healing process.
Avoid stimulants such as caffeine if possible.
Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours.
Drink plenty of water to flush away released toxins.

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