“I have been receiving Deep Tissue Massage on my back, neck and shoulders from Dee since I was knocked over by a car a few years ago. Dee quite simply allows me to function – the damage I sustained means every few weeks I am in constant and increasingly severe pain from knotted muscles and Dee manages to dig deeper than I would believe possible to loosen the knots and relieve the pain.
Every so often though, I treat myself to a session of Reflexology which is an hour of pure bliss. I float away on a cloud – actually, I often fall deeply asleep! – and the relaxed mood lasts for days.
Dee is also my Reiki Master – I did my Reiki Level 2 with her and in 2010 will do an advanced Reiki course. Reiki is fascinating and something I thoroughly recommend trying, either as a client or a practitioner.” – Mary Ann Cameron M.Ed., Flfl, Dip RSA (TEFL) (17th September 2009)
“I work as a social worker and  my work can be very stressful. I have been having Indian Head massages by Dee at Greenhouse Therapies on a regular basis for the past nine years. I found it really beneficial in reducing stress. In the beginning the more times I went the more relaxing it became. Its now a really important part of my “looking after myself”. I haven’t had a day off sick in all that time and now couldn’t do without them.”  – Debbie Williams
“Dear Dee,
        A really big thank you for the Foot Reading Evening! All my friends really enjoyed it and were amazed at how accurate their readings were. I would definitely recommend this as a social event in getting friends and family together, or like mine as part of an unusual and very different charity event. My event was also run for a Ugandan project and helped to raise over £200. As always you helped put people at ease and provided a very professional and friendly service. Many thanks again.” – Debbie
“I really thought that you couldn’t get a more relaxing treatment than an Indian Head massage – until I had a Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage  This is a really relaxing treatment!. Now I am planning to alternate my treatments with  one session an Indian Head and the next a Tsuboki – Many thanks Dee!” – Debbie (10th September, 2009)
 “I started receiving Reflexology treatments from Dee on a fortnightly basis approximately 9 years ago.  When I first started I was very skeptical. I found Dee both as a person and as a therapist, a very calming, person centred and knowledgeable individual. I always feel very relaxed in her presence and gain a sense of relief/well being after receiving therapies from her, I would recommend her to anybody.” –  T.J. Hale Dipsw, I.I.H.H.T. (social worker/therapist)
 “I have known Dee Kelsall for 9 years both professionally and personally. During this time I have benefited greatly from being treated by Dee, through Reiki and Massage. Dee is acutely in tune with her clients and adjusts treatments to suit them individually, homing in on areas that are in need of relief.  Dee treated me after a car accident and at that time,aswell as in the time I have been having treatments from her, has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I got the treatment I needed. This included spending more time than had been booked in order to complete treatments…how many therapists give their time so generously?
Personally Dee has encouraged me to follow my own pathway within Holistic Therapies, giving me the opportunity to work alongside her in her business to build my confidence and point me in the right direction…something I am greatly appreciative of…
I have also attended some of Dee’s courses, particularly Reiki and have found Dee to be both patient and informative, with a wealth of knowledge on holistic therapies. Again she is very generous with both her time and knowledge and nothing is ever too much trouble for her… Dee is constantly striving to develop her knowledge and skills and consistently puts her client’s welfare first in order to give them the best service/treatment…
I would recommend Dee for the Holistic Therapies she offers, she is passionate about her job/career, patient, caring, knowledgeable of her clients’ needs and always strives to give the best for them.” – Emma Critchley, Neonatal Practitioner, Infant Massage Instructor, I.A.I.M., I.I.H.H.T.
“I would just like to thank you very much for marking my portfolio for my interview on Sunday, I really appreciated it.
I just wanted to let you know that I was successful and have been accepted to attend the Steiner London Academy to train before being sent on a ship somewhere in the world! Thanks for your help throughout the course, I have really enjoyed it and hope to attend more courses in the future.” – Many Thanks Kylie Miller (Dee’s Cheshire Massage Academy Student)
‘Since 2000, I’ve had regular therapy treatments with Dee. My tension prone neck, shoulders and back have benefitted from Dee’s excellent Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy massages. I’ve also had additional Reflexology and Reiki therapies when I needed a boost to my energy levels and well being. I’m passionate about Flamenco dancing Having regular massage therapy has kept me free from injury and has given me more stamina to dance. You are in good hands with Dee.’
– Minna, Nurse, Flamenco Dancer, Chester (10th September 2009)
“I have received treatments from Dee on and off for the last seven years.  When in need of some pampering I find her aromatherapy massage or hot stone treatments very relaxing and rejuvenating.  After a cold I often suffer from sinus problems and can rely on Dee to sort this out via an Indian head massage.  I cannot thank Dee enough for this massage.  I also find her sports massage very beneficial as it clear up my aches and pains after exercise.  I would recommend Dee as a therapist, she is very knowledgeable, calm and gives her full attention to each treatment.  She is a Reiki master and uses her Reiki to enhance her treatments by focusing on the needs of the individual client.” – Sonja (Adviser Jobcentreplus 9th May 2010)
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