KARUNA REIKI (R) – in Chester Cheshire CH1

Cost: £200 for each part – may be paid in two parts. DEPOSIT REQUIRED.

Maximum students per Workshop: 6 (Why is this?)

Karuna Reiki (R) evolved out of Usui and Tibetan Reiki from a desire and a knowingness that there is always something greater waiting to be uncovered.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word and is used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen. It translates to mean ‘compassionate action’. William Rand developed the healing system in the early 1990’s to enhance the traditional Usui Reiki. People attending this course will be qualified Reiki Masters already. Karuna Reiki(R) is taught only by those who are registered with The International Centre for Reiki Training. All students on this course will be registered with the Centre and will receive two certificates  qualifying as both registered practitioners and registered teachers of Karuna Reiki(R). Karuna Reiki(R) has two levels and eight symbols. Each symbol has a different frequency. There is a symbol to reduce pain and prepare for deep healing, one to heal deeply, one to fill the client with love, one to ground, one to bring peace and so on. Having more symbols is like a repair person who when they first start off has only four tools but as they become more experienced they learn to work with a larger number of tools and so are able to handle a wider range of problems.

This course is carried out over two weekends.


Includes two Practitioner level attunements, the first 8 symbols and the theory and practice of treatment methods using Karuna Reiki(R).

This stage is followed by a three month gap – for personal practice.


Includes two Master level attunements, the theory and practice of the two Master levels and four Master symbols, plus all the attunement processes for the whole system.

Course Manuals and certificates included

Duration:  (Ask)

Other useful information:

We allow a maximum intake of 6 students per Course

This is simply to ensure that all students get as much time and attention as possible from their teacher.   The same applies to all other workshops at Greenhouse Therapies. We update the course dates and costs page regularly and note next to each course/workshop date when it is full. To avoid disappointment, we suggest that you secure your place on your chosen workshop or course by either paying a deposit (if applicable) or the full price.

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