Women’s Blend Liquiwax


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Liquiwax is a version of classic Massage Wax that comes in a pump dispenser. Somewhere between a lotion and a classic massage wax, it is an entirely new formulation which is perfect for smooth nozzle delivery. Upon application, Liquiwax allows for long, gliding strokes ideal for body work, while maintaining a tight grip, though different to, and not as tight as the Massage Waxes. Liquiwaxes are an alternative to Massage Waxes, for those looking for a pump dispenser method, and a slightly stronger glide factor in their Wax. They are also nut free, making them ideal for any nut allergic clients.
The Liquiwax is also great to use as a luxurious body conditioner and is excellent at removing make up!
Liquiwax is of course, Altogether Natural.
Women’s Blend is a balancing blend of essential oils which has proved very popular and is one of our biggest sellers.
The scent which is most likely to come to the fore when inhaling the blend is the Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) but this is balanced by the musky and regal Frankincense (Boswelli Carterii), which balances it out perfectly. It’s this balance which makes Women’s Blend really special.
Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia) has a citrusy aroma which is very pleasant and is one of the most uplifting of the essential oils and thus of great benefit in lifting the spirits.
The blend is meant to be balancing, and is synergistically created for this effect. All the essential oils used are associated with hormonal balancing and are particularly relevant to women of all ages.
Size: 500ml


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