Orange Spice Liquiwax


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Liquiwax is a version of Songbird’s classic Massage Wax that comes in a pump dispenser. Somewhere between a lotion and a classic massage wax, it is an entirely new formulation which is perfect for smooth nozzle delivery. Upon application, Liquiwax allows for long, gliding strokes ideal for body work, while maintaining a tight grip, though different to, and not as tight as the Massage Waxes. Liquiwaxes are an alternative to Massage Waxes, for those looking for a pump dispenser method, and a slightly stronger glide factor in their Wax. They are also nut free, making them ideal for any nut allergic clients.

The Liquiwax is also great to use as a luxurious body conditioner and is excellent at removing make up!

Liquiwax is of course, Altogether Natural.

Orange Spice has a warm, citrusy scent, reminiscent of mulled wine and spiced cakes at christmas. The Nutmeg, Cardomum and Clove Oils add the spice to the formula and create a gentle warming effect, making it a useful warming product if you don’t want to go to the full heat of the Warming and Easing Balm.

Size: 500ml


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