Lavender Liquiwax


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Liquiwax is a version of classic Massage Wax that comes in a pump dispenser. Somewhere between a lotion and a classic massage wax, it is an entirely new formulation which is perfect for smooth nozzle delivery. Upon application, Liquiwax allows for long, gliding strokes ideal for body work, while maintaining a tight grip, though different to, and not as tight as the Massage Waxes. Liquiwaxes are an alternative to Massage Waxes, for those looking for a pump dispenser method, and a slightly stronger glide factor in their Wax. They are also nut free, making them ideal for any nut allergic clients.

The Liquiwax is also great to use as a luxurious bodyconditioner and is excellent at removing make up!

Liquiwax is of course, Altogether Natural.

Lavender Liquiwax is formulated with French Lavender Essential Oil, which has been appreciated for its deep healing and calming scent through the ages. It’s scent never seems to go out of favour and is loved by men and women, making it a very versatile blend. It’s cleansing properties also make it ideal for use as an all over treatment.

“Our Lavender Essential Oil comes from the Drome, Vanclause and Haut ‘d Alps regions in France, with their high altitude and high quality!” – Songbird

Size: 500ml


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