Lavender & Geranium Scrub Mask


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Normal to Combination skin facial scrub, works wonders on spot prone skin

Lavender & Geranium

A balancing and skin regulating facial scrub using natural pumice and beautiful softening ingredients to gently exfoliate without damaging younger vibrant skin below the surface.

Skin Suitability

Our entire Lavender and Geranium is perfect for normal to combination skin and is especially useful on spot prone skin, where the oils work together to balance natural secretion levels. Ideal for daily use and the rich fragrance is liked by the whole family; young, old, male and female.

Application Directions

Apply to clean, damp skin in circular motions using either your finger tips or a soft cloth and in circular motions cover the complete facial area. Leave for 2 -3 minutes before rinsing with clean warm water.

For best results follow with a suitable toner (we recommend Lavender Water with Lavender & Geranium) and then Lavender & Geranium Facial Moisturiser Cream.

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