Paul Bailey – Associate Tutor/Assessor


Subject: Sports Massage Therapy

Hi, I’m an associate tutor / assessor here at Greenhouse Therapies. I have approximately 19 years of teaching and clinical experience within the fitness, health and therapy sector. I have a special interest in lower limb, dysfunction and the use of treatment modalities used to aid tissue healing and the management of pain. For example: TENS Interferential, Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasound and Laser. My studies have led to the writings of two academic papers:
1. The Acute Effects of Active and Passive Warm-Up on Hamstring Flexibility
2. The Effect of Short-Term Whole-Body Vibration Training on Anthropometric Measures and Body Composition
I’m also an external quality assurer and support numerous educational establishments who offer various courses within the VTCT Active, Health & Fitness sector.