Kaety Moon – Art Psychotherapist

Kaety Moon (MA) Art Psychotherapist HCPC and BAAT

Hello and welcome. I am the resident art psychotherapist at Greenhouse Therapies. I am an approachable therapist with experience working with many emotional issues from a trauma-informed and attachment-based perspective. Maybe you have reached a stage in life where you want to let go of certain ways of thinking or behaviours that no longer support you. You may find you have specific coping mechanisms that you would like to release, and you are seeking support to find a new way of being in the world.

Art psychotherapy utilises art-making as a form of expression and communication to help you understand your thoughts and feelings and can unlock your creativity as a unique form of empowerment. It is a brave step to begin, or continue, your therapeutic journey, and during our consultation, we can co-create our work together. 

You do not need to be ‘good’ at art or have much art-making experience to participate in art therapy. I will be guided by your pace and adapt sessions to suit your particular needs, as this can be especially important for neurodiverse and autistic clients and those with a trauma background. 

Art psychotherapy enables a safe exploration of your lived experiences, loss, or trauma. It can support you in navigating your inner world of thoughts and feelings, and exploring what is happening in your external world of relationships, work, family and lived experiences. 

You do not need to be ‘good’ at art or have much art-I am experienced in working with trauma, developmental trauma, childhood abuse, and self-harm. Art therapy has been shown to reduce cortisol and other stress hormones and can be helpful when working with acute or chronic issues. I also provide Emotional Freedom Technique, which can support you in letting go of old habits and ways of thinking and creating healthier pathways. My additional training is in sensorimotor art therapy, which includes co-regulation through mindful movement and breathing, which can support your nervous system and well-being. This ‘bottom-up’ approach strives to achieve emotional co-regulation through art-making before moving into relational and more cognitive processes where appropriate.  

My continuing professional development is essential to my therapy practice. I am an HCPC allied health professional with a master’s degree in art psychotherapy. I have completed further training with the Institute of Sensorimotor Art Therapy, with Carolyn Spring Trauma Recovery, The EFT and Mindfulness Centre, and the Embodiment Centre, so I can support you in working through any issues in a trauma-informed manner