Gaynor Rawlins – Reflexologist


My name is Gaynor Rawlins, I am a qualified reflexologist.
I was trained by Dee Kelsall founder of Greenhouse Therapies.
Too qualify I had to complete 100 case studies each being a minimum of 1 hour
long sessions. Reflexology is a therapy that I am very passionate about.
Before qualifying as a reflexologist I was in the caring profession which was a very
demanding and pressurised job but also a very rewarding job.

A few years back I decided I wanted to change my career. I wanted to still provide some form of
support / comfort to others but was unsure what. As I was looking on different
websites, I came across Greenhouse Therapies, which gave me the inspiration I
was looking for. I enrolled on the introduction to reflexology course, loved it and
decided that becoming a reflexologist was what I wanted to be.