The following apply for all F.H.T monthly talks (pre-covid) but does not apply until further notice:

  • Held at Greenhouse Therapies (40 Parkgate Road, Chester, CH14AJ).
  • On the last Friday of every month.
  •  Arrive at 7:00pm for tea and biscuits.
  • Talk at 7:30 – 10pm
  • FHT members= £4
  • Non – FHT members = £6
  • You will need to book

Talks coming up…

APRIL FHT TALK 2022: (Friday 29th)



  1. Explanation of what Chiropractic is and what it means (ie done by hand is the exact translation).
  2. How it impacts the body and the nervous system.
  3. A brief history of how this therapy began and how it developed into what it is today.
  4. How we are regulated etc
  5. What problems can Chiropractic address. 
  6. The different approaches within the profession – there is a massive variety in techniques and delivery models.  I am a ‘mixer’, which means I use massage, STR, acupuncture, stretching, and instrument adjusting into my sessions as well as manipulations, as appropriate. I give stretches and lifestyle advice etc. Some practitioners are very ‘pure’ they adjust the skeleton – that’s it. 
  7. How you can train to be a chiropractor, what kind of living can you make?
  8. A brief demonstration, if time allows.
  9. Questions. 

Previous talks…

MARCH FHT TALK 2022: (Friday 25th)


CPD points – 2

Arrive at 7 for talk at 7.30 pm Tea and biscuits and cake  Last orders 9.30p.m      Closing at 10p.m  

£4   for FHT Members    £6   for non-members  

CPD points – 2 

Venue:  GH Therapies 40, Parkgate Road,  Chester CH2 2AR  

Please sign in at the Reception 

Everybody is welcome but you need to book in advance.

To find out more about this method of healing  check out the following links:  https://youtu.be/xdMYoxB2g0I



JANUARY FHT TALK 2022: (Friday 28th)


Bowen Therapy is a lightweight therapy undertaken through clothing. It works over muscle, lymph, blood vessels and the nervous system and stimulates it to relax and repair. It is a therapy that covers the whole body and treats the body as a whole rather than concentrating on specific parts. After all, wherein the body is the stiffness, pain, nerve problems etc originating. A bad shoulder may stem from a
misaligned ankle!

I am now in my tenth year as a Bowen practitioner and have treated patients between the ages of two and a half weeks to 92 years so it is suitable for anyone and everyone, from general maintenance to the severely ill.

I will explain the fundamentals of the therapy and hopefully, we will have a few problems with backs, legs, shoulders etc so I can shew the
therapy in action and help a few people.

We are short of Bowen Therapists, especially in the north of the country, especially after the last couple of years, as number of experienced therapists have decided to retire.

With any luck I may stimulate some new interest and who knows some new Bowen therapists. And no, I am not a teacher just a very keen practitioner, who for his sins is chairman of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association.

FEBRUARY FHT TALK 2022: (Friday 25th)


The talk will be about the Pets As Therapy charity which is a charity using cats and dogs to provide therapy for patients and other vulnerable people.

I will run through how the charity works, the standard of the animals and show some of the animals involved.

I will bring my German Shepherd therapy dog, Ginger, but can leave him in the car if people are worried (he is great with people). – Luci

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