Mindful Meditation – Freedom from stress (with Kevin Duffy)

Mindful meditaion has been shown to be beneficial for managing a variety of health concerns such as stress, anxiety and depression.

A Mindfulness training course provides a unique opportunity to explore the benefits of mindfunlness meditation and discover why taking an active approach to looking after our minds is as essential to our health and wellbeing as diet and exercise.

Kevin Duffy has been teaching meditation and running retreats and courses for 28 years in the UK as well as in Spain, India, Nepal and Japan. He is a meditation teacher at the Vajraloka Meditation center in North Wales.

At present, he is studying for the Masters Degree in Mindfulness Based Approaches (MBA) at Bangor University in addition to running courses in Mindfulness Meditation Training in North Wales and the North West of England.

This course is ideal for beginners!

The course starts on 4th May.


8 weeks from 15th January 2018 – 5th March 2018 (7pm – 9:30pm).

For more information and course booking contact Kevin Duffy:

Phone: 01244 637851

Or email: dee@greenhousetherapies.co.uk