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Gary Kelsall

Gary has always been a sports enthusiast and is a Sports Coach and Sports Massage Therapist. Gary qualified with the ‘International Institute of Sports Therapy’ as a Sports Therapist and Sports Massage Therapist in 1993.
Whilst developing sports therapy practice, he gained Registered Nurse status and worked in Orthopedics for a number of years.
During his sons’ adolescent years, he became involved as a volunteer at their local handball club and developed such a passion for the sport that he trained as a Sports Coach. He has been promoting handball in the community and schools ever since; his role grew and spread throughout Cheshire with particular focus on Warrington and Chester.
During this time he coached  children of all ages in handball with almost 400 of them completing leadership courses under his instruction.
Gary has been recognized for his dedication; winning a number of awards over the years – most notably In 2010-2011 when he became ‘Chester Sports Coach of the year’, ‘Sports Coach UK, National Children’s Coach of the Year’, and ‘Northern Grassroots Coach of the Year’.
In 2008, Gary studied as a Sports Tutor using this within sports dGevelopment work and Sports Massage Therapy.
Gary continues to develop his knowledge, regularly attending courses and workshops nationally and divides his time between teaching and practicing Sports Massage Therapy and coaching in schools and community sports clubs.