The following applies for all F.H.T monthly talks:

  • Held at Greenhouse Therapies (40 Parkgate Road, Chester, CH14AJ).
  • On the last Friday of every month.
  •  Arrive at 7:00pm for tea and biscuits.
  • Talk at 7:30 – 10pm
  • FHT members= £4
  • Non – FHT members = £6
  • You will need to book

JANUARY’S FHT TALK 2019:  (Friday 25th)


I will be telling my the story of my journey in Holistics from when I was at school up to the present day. This can be thought of as Pre – Reiki and Post Reiki periods.

I awoke with the attunements and I was so inspired by Dr Usui, that we went to Kyoto and ascended Mount Kurama. I will be describing this event and will be showing some photographs.

Reiki has changed my life and it has led me to be inquisitive about other things, some of which I will describe.

FEBRUARY’S FHT TALK 2019: (Friday 22nd)


♥ Macrobiotic Wholefood Cuisine
An introduction to an understanding of how food influences not just our energy levels, but affects how we feel, think, sleep and move. Find out how you can have more vitality, balanced weight and adopting new habit patterns to suit YOUR lifestyle needs.
♥ Nia – Holistic Fusion Fitness

Nia is an invitation to explore and play with 9 different movement forms from Dance Arts, Martial Arts & Healing Arts designed to improve Flexibility; Agility; Mobility; Strength & Stability. Suitable for all ages, complete beginners and conditioned athletes.

♥ Infinite Tai Chi (& Chi Kung)

A gentle but powerful form of flowing movement that will reduce stress; restore inner peace of mind; strengthen and revitalise your physical body & calm emotions.

MARCH’s FHT TALK 2019:  (Friday 29th)

“What is spontaneous idiopathic inter cranial hypotension? What are the symptoms, the treatments and why do I need to know about it?” – By Kelly Uttley

My name is Kelly and I’m the resident counsellor here at Greenhouse Therapies; I’m also a long-term sufferer of inter cranial hypotension (leaking spinal fluid). I will be giving a talk about this condition on Friday 29th March 2019 to discuss how it happens, what the symptoms are and how by knowing them, they could affect/inform your practice.

JUNE’S FHT TALK 2019:  (Friday 28th)

The talk will be about the Pets As Therapy charity which is a charity using cats and dogs to provide therapy for patients and other vulnerable people. The talk will be given by Lucienne Sutton. She will run through how the charity works, the standard of the animals and also show some of the animals involved.

JULY FHT TALK 2019:  (Friday 26th)

“SELF CARE” By Annette Thomas

The talk will be about breaking down what self care means, areas of self care, importance of self care and how to incorporate self care in your life. It will close with Annette talking about the increase your confidence workshop and how confidence is central to self care. There will be an opportunity for attendees to sign up for the workshop. Attendees will be able to take notes and engage in group discussion. 

SEPTEMBER FHT TALK 2019:  (Friday 27th)

“WAY OF MINDFULNESS” By Belinda Gammon

Belinda Gammon MBACP, Lowland Walks Leader (MTA member) and Mindfulness Teacher, Voice Coach.

“My passion is about providing a space for others that supports their coming home to their Self.”

  • Intro: services offered psychotherapeutic counselling, 8week mindfulness courses, mindful walks
  • What is a mindful walk?
  • Mindfulness demo
  • Q&A

October FHT TALK 2019:  (Friday 25th)

Networking / Knowledge Sharing Event

Last FHT talk of the year. Are you a therapy student or newly qualified therapist? Or are you a therapist with years of experience.? Are you a trained accountant, nurse, medical doctor. Chemist banker? You are invited to our networking / knowledge sharing event at GH.

We will be inviting people to tell us all about their therapies, their businesses.

Please come along , even if just to meet like minded people. 2 cpd points awarded. £4 for FHT members £6 for non members 7.30 until 10. Tea, coffee and biscuits.