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Tsuboki Japanese Foot Massage Course

Cost: £130 (plus £10 for Ridoki) Deposit £35

To enrol you must be a qualified Level 3 Massage Therapist / Reflexologist



October 1st October 2017 – Sunday

Duration: 1 day 9.30am – 5.30pm


Love to give a good foot massage, but not a reflexologist?  Or are you a reflexologist looking to learn additional skills – to breathe new life into your treatment?

Either way, this one day course is for you.


What will I learn?

You will learn:

A thorough foot massage incorporating oriental techniques, with and without lubrication

The use of a Ridoki steel roller.

33 acupressure points and 6 meridians on each foot.

The massage can be performed on a massage couch or reflexology chair.

TSUBOKI involves massaging a small part of the body in order to influence the health of the whole person – in this case  –  the feet.

  • The feet are our foundation, so problems here will reflect throughout the body and affect posture.
  • We know from reflexology that the body is mapped out on the feet, so by massaging the whole of the foot we are affecting the whole body.
  • By pressing the acupressure points and tracing meridians, we are enhancing the health of the whole person.
  • Foot massage is extremely relaxing, and the feet are very accessible

Tsuboki® Foot Massage was developed by Anne Parry, based partly on Traditional Japanese massage, and partly on her many years of massage experience.


It forms an ideal complement to her Tsuboki face and hand massage. Anne always provides a relaxed environment for fun and effective learning.


This valuable therapy can be added to your toolbox in one day, at a cost of just

£130 (plus £10 for Ridoki) this including a detailed manual for your home practice.


To enrol on this course you must be a qualified Level 3 Massage Therapist / Reflexologist


*Check with your Insurer to see if they will add this to your practice insurance.

Book early – Places are limited Contact us asap.