Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage Course Chester Cheshire NW

Cost: £130 Deposit Required £30
10 CPD points – recognised by ‘Embody’ as a postgraduate qualification.

Saturday April 1st 2017.

Duration: 1 day 9.30am – 5.30pm
To enrol you must be a qualified massage therapist or at the end of your studies
Student’s comment from previous course: “Anne is fantastically inspiring! She obviously enjoys teaching and it is a pleasure to learn with her – thank you. A great deal of content delivery superbly. I did not have any ‘brain fag’ or sense of overload. The course notes are very  well put together”
Who is this course suitable for?
This course is suitable for qualified massage therapists as they will be able to offer this fabulous new therapy to their clients or refresh existing therapies by combining elements of this routine
What is Tsuboki?
This is a wonderfully relaxing yet energising treatment suitable for men or women who want to feel good on the inside and the outside. Based in part on the principles of acupressure, it is a modern take on meridian theory, which goes back thousands of years in Japan and China.
Using anma and acupressure techniques, this massage affects the deep and superficial muscles of the face, reduces the development of wrinkles, improves the appearance of the skin, and encourages the elimination of metabolic waste products:  A Natural Facelift!
  • TSUBO means acupressure point – this is a place along a meridian where the energy can be most influenced, affecting the body on many levels.
  • KI Means the energy that flows through the meridians.
  • TSUBOKI therefore means massage using the Tsubos to influence the flow of Ki in the body.
In short, it is a “full body” massage administered through the face and a “natural facelift” combined into a relaxing and restorative health-giving treatment.
Course Content
The course covers the techniques, many of which can be incorporated into a full body massage, but Tsuboki is also an excellent stand alone treatment, so you offer your clients a treatment that is a little different and very effective. The stimulation of acupressure points and meridians will help to balance the whole body.
You will learn:
  • neck massage
  • detailed face massage
  • 50 acupressure points
  • 8 meridians
  • lymphatic drainage
For this massage Camellia oil is used, this is a light and easily absorbed medium that has been used in traditional Japanese Face Massage for centuries. Clients report feeling incredibly relaxed during the massage, but very soon afterwards, energised and revitalised.
The course includes a practical and short written assessment. On successful completion you will receive a certificate of competence.
Who teaches this course?
This workshop is taught by Anne Parry the originator of this style of massage in the UK,
For further information about Anne Parry please go to Stressolutions
Entry qualifications:
You must be either a qualified massage therapist or at the end of your studies.
You need to be qualified to gain insurance through the FHT.

For further details Enquire . Places are limited so  Book soon!  dee@greenhousetherapies.co.uk