Reflexology Introductory Training Course Chester Cheshire

ONE DAY – 10am until 4.30 pm
Cost: £65.00
An Introduction to Reflexology workshop, suitable for complete beginners / novices.  This Introduuctory Course in Reflexology is ideal for those who would like to be able to use reflexology on their friends and famlies and is of particular interest to those considering a career in the Holistic / Complementary / Alternative Therapy / Massage sector.
An ideal taster course prior to starting our VTCT Accredited Diploma in Reflexology
The morning will be theoretical and the afternoon will be practical.
The Theory will cover:
The history of Reflexology
The benefits of Reflexology
The maps of the feet
Reflexology Techniques
The Practical will include:
Reading the feet
Relaxing the feet
Applying the techniques
Please expect and be prepared to be receive and give reflexology.
Course fee of £65-00 includes a Manual and a Greenhouse Therapies Certificate.
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What is Reflexology?
‘Reflexology’ –  translated literally is the study of the ‘reflexes’ – which are involuntary, unconscious responses to stimuli.
The Practise of Reflexology as a therapy is based on the principle that reflexes or areas of the feet, hands and other parts of the body relate to internal organs and other structures (Crane 1997).
Reflexology is a way of activating the body’s own healing power and  is a recently “rediscovered “ancient therapy.
In 1887 a tomb was discovered in Egypt (the ‘Physicians tomb’,) which dates back to 2330 BC. On the wall of the tomb were pictures of people appearing to be receiving some kind of foot and and hand treatment, thought to be either foot massage or a form of reflexology.
Ancient Roman writings describe healing methods which are what we know today as Reflex zone therapy.
Massaging of reflex zones is known to have been practiced by Native American tribes and according to Wagner(1987) was redefined by the Incas and handed down over 1000,s of years.
Today Reflex zone massage is still practiced by Native Americans living on reserves. They use it to heal disease but mainly for pain relief (Wagner 87).
It was from these practices that Dr.William Fitzgerald brought zone therapy to our modern world.
Fitzgerald (1872-1942), an ear, nose and throat specialist, discovered zone therapy whilst operating on his patients.  He found that when he applied pressure to certain areas of the body, pain relief would result in another part .
He had rediscovered the ancient art of Accupressure. He developed a new zone system by dividing the body into ten zones from the top of the head to the tips of the toes.
Eunice Ingham developed this theory further by mapping out the zones on the feet.
Reflexologists, using their thumbs and fingers, apply a variety of techniques to apply pressure to the reflexes. The aim is to restore balance and release blocked subtle energy.
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