Introduction To Aromatherapy Workshop/Course

ONE DAY – 10am until 4.30 pm
Cost: £65.00
Location – 40 Parkgate Road, Chester CH1 4AJ
Date – NEW COURSE DATE: Saturday 23rd September 2017.
An Introduction to Aromatherapy workshop, suitable for complete beginners / novices.
This Introductory Course in Aromatherapy is ideal for those who would like to be able to use Aromatherapy on their friends and families and is of particular interest to those considering a career in the Holistic / Complementary / Alternative Therapy / Massage sector
An ideal taster course prior to starting our VTCT Accredited Diploma in Aromatherapy


The morning will be theoretical and the afternoon will be practical.
The Theory will cover:
  • The history of Aromatherapy
  • The benefits of Aromatherapy
  • Cautions
  • The usage of Essential oils
  • Carrier oils
The Practical will include:
  • Making a blend
  • Hand massage
– Please expect and be prepared to receive and give Aromatherapy.
The course fee of £65-00 includes a Manual and a Greenhouse Therapies Certificate.
Introduction to Aromatherapy Course –Dates throughout the year

What is Aromatherapy?

The word ‘Aroma’ means a fragrance or sweet smell, the word ‘therapy’  means a treatment designed to heal.
Aromatherapy is the use of oils found in plants, flowers and trees. The essential oils are used to maintain health, increase vitality and promote a feeling of well-being. They are considered to be the ‘hormones’, ‘life force’ or ‘soul’ of the plant. Essential oils interact with our bodies in three different ways, pharmacological, physiologically and psychologically.
Nobody knows exactly when or where the ancient art of Aromatherapy began but it goes back at least 2000 years B.C. when records in the bible describe the usage of plants and their oils both in treatment of illness and in religion. The Egyptians used them for both cosmetics and embalming their dead.
There are possibilities that they were known of in China before that time. Their usage spread to the Greeks and the Romans who brought them to Britain. The Romans thought the oils to be good for relaxation, improvement of the circulation and to help with the healing of wounds
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