VTCT Level 3 Cetificate in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for Complementary Therapy – in Chester Cheshire CH1

VTTC Accreditation Chester holistic Therapies
VTCT Level 3 Certificate In Anatomy, Physiology
& Pathology for Complementary Therapy
VTCT Ref: AC30407
12 X 3 Hour Sessions
COST £396 (including VAT and VTCT Fees)
*There is now an option to complete this qualification by distance learning – If you take this option you may still attend, in person, any of the scheduled sessions.*


– As well as being a stand alone qualification ‘Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies is a unit within  the Aromatherapy, Massage and Reflexology Diploma courses. Students on these courses must complete all 12 outcomes and sit the exams.
– The Indian head massage qualification includes some anatomy and physiology – this will not be covered during the Indian Head Massage scheduled days and so these students need to attend the relevant classes of Anatomy and Physiology as per criteria.
– The Sports Massage Level 3 includes some Anatomy and Physiology which won’t all be covered during the scheduled dates for the Sports Massage course. Therefore students need to attend relevant sessions of Anatomy and Physiology as per criteria.
If you have already achieved this unit because you have gained other therapy qualifications, then you willNOT have to repeat it. Please check.
The course consists of 12  x 3 hour sessions.
Each session covers 1 system of the body.
Apart from ‘session 1’, you may attend the sessions in any order e.g ‘session 6’ before ‘session 2’.
You may attend the same session as many times as you wish (subject to the class running i.e there must be other people in the class who are attending for the first time)


  1: The Organisation of the body
  2: The Anatomy and Physiology of the skin hair and nails
  3: The Skeletal system
  4: The Muscular system
  5: The Nervous system
  6: The Endocrine system
  7: The Respiratory system
  8: The Cardiovascular system
  9: The Lymphatic system
10: The Digestive system
11: The Urinary system
12: The Reproductive system


There are no prerequisites for this course – it is open to beginners – this is a first step qualification on the route to becoming a Qualified Professional
Finally – THANK YOU!  for choosing Greenhouse Therapies as your VTCT Approved Training Provider: We are looking forward to teaching you and helping you move forward in your chosen career – you have chosen well!

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