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ACCREDITED COURSES.   We offer the following VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust)accredited courses. This is important to your future professional practise: Please read aboutVTCT  below the list – there are fees levied on behalf of VTCT which are additional to the Course tuition fees. Also below: Other considertions – what you need to bring with you etc.
Greenhouse Therapies course fees are increasing in September. However, if you wish to enrol on a September or later course and you pay the fees in July – you will pay the old prices – making a huge saving.
*Offer end July 31st*
Contact Dee via phone: 01244 637851 or email: and leave your name, number and the course/s in which you are interested.
Level 3 Certificate in Stone Therapy Massage        VTCT Fee £56.00
Level 3 Diploma in Massage (QCF)                         VTCT Fee £90.00
Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy (QCF)                VTCT Fee £90.00
Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology (QCF)                    VTCT Fee £90.00
Pathology for Complementary Therapies (QCF)         VTCT Fee £56.00
Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy           VTCT Fee £90.00
Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage                     VTCT Fee
Please note that some of these course require prior study- see Introductory Courses
Dates & Costs of courses
I have recently achieved my VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology having completed my training with Dee Kelsall at Greenhouse Therapies.
The training was extremely intense in order to incorporate all of the required elements for the course.  It was delivered with professionalism, expertise and humour which maximised my learning potential.  I found Dee’s knowledge and experience to be vast and the support and commitment she offered to me following my course and in the run up to completion was invaluable. Thank you so much Dee
VTCT is the largest awarding body of it’s kind. These qualifications will enable you to gain access to professional associations such as the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists),
AoR (Association of Reflexologists), and CNHC (The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) and for you to be insured to practice professionally.
Additional information from VTCT Website
VTCT is a government approved awarding organisation, regulated by national organisations such as the OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations).
VTCT has been in existence for 50 years and has been at the forefront of developing the vocational system of qualification in the United KIngdom
All our VTCT qualifications course contents are benchmarked to NOS (National Occupational Standards).
These  qualifications are accredited on the QCF (Qualifications Credit Framework).
For more details about VTCT go to
For more details on QCF go to
Total Course Costs are composed of Tuition Fees  and VTCT Fees.
Go to the individual course pages (links above) for the Tuition fees
VTCT FEES  The above figures are the Vtct charges for each qualification and are dependent upon the UNIT worth.
The following VTCT Fees and are in Addition to the Tuition Fees for the courses.
For TUITION FEES Please go to the relevant course page -following the links – and calculate TOTALCourse Costs.
All lecture notes/hand outs
Individual attention due to very SMALL class size
Assessment and Examination fees (including assessment of final portfolio)
‘Out of Classroom’ support throughout course by telephone or email
Massage mediums whilst in classroom (oils, creams etc.)
Equipment i.e. massage bed – whilst in classroom
Liquid refreshments
Ongoing support once qualified.                               Want to join the FHT?
Additional Items that YOU need to Provide:
*Student insurance* suggested providers are  or
*A large ringbinder file and a set of 5 dividers to set up your portfolio of evidence *
*An additional file for your reference materials *
*Pens *pencils and hilighters
*Text books – (you will be advised of which ones to purchase depending on your course) *
*Uniform*  A plain black polo shirt or black/dark coloured tunic (please ensure these have enough room to move around in and not too snug) tunics tend to be on the small side and usually require a larger fit. You might find one suitable on or    Black trousers and dark coloured close toed shoes.
*For The Massage and Aromatherapy courses – 2 large bath sheets (not white), 4 hand towels.*
*For Reflexology – 1 bath towel (not sheet)*
*For Indian Head – 1 bath sheet and 1 bath towel*
*For the Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology case studies you will need to purchase a massage couch. (These may be hired from Greenhouse Therapies for £10 per month)
Coursework materials are provided but as you will be set assignments to complete for homework, you will need access to a computer, the internet and a printer.
Aromatherapy students will need to purchase a set of the mandatory oils for their case studies.Please don’t buy these until you know what you are looking for-which will be after the course has started.
All participants in the training courses will be required to receive massages as well as give them. This is an important part of the learning.
To give massages – your nails need to be short and varnish free.
Long hair needs to be tied back
For each of the above qualifications you will need to complete a number of case studies at home. You must provide people to be case studies. Only 25% of your case studies are allowed to be relatives.
On your final exam day – you will provide your ‘client’ who must not be a case study.
Finally – THANK YOU!  for choosing Greenhouse Therapies as your VTCT Approved Training Provider: We are look forward to teaching you and helping you move forward in your chosen career – you have chosen well!
Further information from VTCT Website
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